CBD Cigarettes 101 - The Ultimate Guide to Hemp Cigarettes

by Sugar Team August 01, 2022 8 min read

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  1. What are CBD hemp cigarettes?

  2. Hemp cigarettes vs. tobacco cigarettes

  3. What are some of the benefits of CBD?

  4. Are hemp cigarettes legal? 

  5. Will hemp cigarettes make you high?

  6. What are the differences between hemp cigarette brands?

  7. Why is lab testing important for hemp and CBD products?

  8. Will hemp cigarettes help you quit smoking tobacco cigarettes?

  9. How do I use hemp cigarettes to quit smoking?

  10. Can I combine hemp cigarettes with nicotine cessation products?

  11. What are some of the side effects of hemp cigarettes?

  12. Are hemp CBD cigarettes expensive?

  13. Where can I buy hemp cigarettes?

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    What are CBD hemp cigarettes?

    Hemp cigarettes, also known as CBD cigarettes, is a new alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes that has become a growing trend across the country. Ever since hemp was legalized in 2018, an explosion of hemp products has hit the market.

    Nowadays, many consumers are realizing the value in a smokable product that doesn’t contain nicotine, the addictive chemical found in tobacco.

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    Smoking hemp cigarettes vs. tobacco cigarettes

    People often ask us what the difference is between hemp cigarettes and tobacco. Firstly, hemp CBD cigarettes contain zero tobacco and zero nicotine. This means that hemp cigarettes are void of the addictive substance nicotine, making them a great alternative to tobacco.

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    Another major difference is that many tobacco companies add chemicals to their cigarettes to make them smoke smoother or burn a certain way, and often do not care if these chemicals will ultimately harm you.

    Some studies have shown that there are toxic levels of heavy metals found in some tobacco cigarettes, including arsenic, cadmium, and lead. One of the things that we do at Sugar is test all of our products for heavy metals so that you don’t need to worry.

    Another main difference is that hemp cigarettes are typically rich in CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids that may have some benefits.

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    What are some of the benefits of hemp cigarettes?

    We’ve found that people smoke hemp cigarettes or take CBD for different reasons. Here are some of the potential reported benefits:

    • An alternative to hookah, a form of flavored tobacco

    • An alternative to tobacco cigarettes

    • An alternative to e-cigarettes

    • Al alternative to cigars

    • An efficient delivery method of CBD

    • May provide a sense of relaxation and well being

    • May help with recovery from exercise

    • May help with sleep issues or pain, though further scientific research is needed

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    Are hemp cigarettes legal?

    Yes! Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the federal government has lifted the ban on hemp products as long as they contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. Some states will still require licenses for manufacturing and wholesaling hemp products, however, purchasing hemp cigarettes online for personal consumption is completely legal.

    Note: this should not be considered legal advice. Laws change, can be interpreted in different ways, and if you're unsure about your state's stance on smokable hemp for any reason, please seek professional counsel. 


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    Will hemp cigarettes make you high?

    Hemp is botanically the same species as cannabis, the plant that gets you high. However, it is quite different due to the way it is cultivated. Instead, hemp is grown in a way to intentionally reduce the amount of THC within the plant. By doing so, cultivators are able to legally grow hemp plants rich in CBD and other cannabinoids for all to enjoy, without keeping you glued to the couch.

    Keep in mind, though, that some of Sugar’s customers report some “head change,” meaning that you may feel an intense relaxation or sense of relief. If you do experience this, we would recommend that you sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself. All in all, smoking a CBD cigarette is different than smoking marijuana.

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    What are the differences between hemp cigarette brands?

    We thought you’d never ask. Not all CBD hemp cigarettes are made equal. This is a really loaded question, but we’ll do our best to hit the main points:

    • Not all hemp is lab-tested for heavy metals and pesticides, since not all states require testing. Worry not, Sugar tests all of their products for these things.

    •  Hemp strains can vary significantly in how they smoke. Some varieties or harvests are bitter and harsh, while others are naturally smoother and more pleasant.

    •  Sometimes hemp cigarettes contain menthol, flavors, and other stuff to keep things interesting, like sweetened filter tips. These flavorings can make a smoke more enjoyable. If you're trying to quit traditional cigarettes using CBD cigarettes, then flavored CBD cigarettes are a great way to transition.

    •  Some makers of hemp cigarettes will go cheap, so you’ll find seeds and stems inside the cigarette when you break it apart. This is due to improper (or lack of) sifting. Stems tend to be harsher and taste bitter, while seeds are bitter and tend to make the hemp cigarettes spark when burning. Both stems and seeds are not meant to be smoked!

    • Not all hemp cigarettes are wrapped the with the same density. If wrapped too tightly, it becomes difficult to pull or drag. If too loose, then the cigarette may fall apart or burn quickly and harshly. There is a definitely a sweet spot, and few CBD cigarette companies care enough to measure this correctly.

    • Hemp smoke potencies can vary between strains and harvests. There are brands out there that boast ultra high CBD potencies, while some others hardly make any mention of it at all. If CBD is one of your main reasons for smoking a hemp cigarette, then it would be practical to consider the available CBD levels in the brand that you choose.

    When you add these different factors together, you’ll find that hemp cigarettes vary quite a bit from one brand to another. The best hemp cigarettes will not only taste good and smoke well, but also be affordable, potent, and clean.

    From hemp material selection to smoothness and attention to detail, plenty can go wrong or right. The best thing to do is to consider what you’re looking for in a CBD cigarette, and find a company that fits the bill. But remember, cheaper is not always better.

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    Why is lab testing important for hemp and CBD products?

    It should go without saying that putting heavy metals and pesticides into your body are probably not a good thing. Hemp smoke containing these impurities can be detrimental to a smoker's health.

    Unfortunately, a large amount hemp is grown in soil that has previously been abused with pesticides, fertilizers, and poor farming practices.

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    Swaths of contaminated farmland has now been repurposed for hemp, which is a naturally absorbent plant. This means that the pesticides and heavy metals left behind in the soil are absorbed by the hemp plants, and end up in the flower that you and I might smoke. Some states do not regulate these impurities in hemp crops, which leaves consumers vulnerable to toxins and poisons.

    All hemp manufacturers are aware contaminants potentially ending up in their hemp products, but the responsible ones take action to ensure that the hemp they’re using for consumable and inhalable products are free from these impurities.

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    One way that hemp farmers will avoid this issue is to grow hemp in a greenhouse with clean soil and water. Sometimes abused farmland soil can be remediated, though this can be a difficult and expensive process. Other farmers will search for fresh soil in order to avoid that issue all together when growing outdoors.

    Ultimately, there are ways to avoid consuming dirty hemp, and looking at a product’s COA (certificate of analysis) lab results will help you choose the right product for you. Responsibly labs will do thorough testing, which is an important step to make CBD cigarettes safe.

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    Will hemp cigarettes help you quit smoking tobacco cigarettes?

    There isn’t any research to definitively say that hemp cigarettes or CBD will make you stop smoking. However, there is some research that suggests:

    • CBD may reverse attentional bias to cigarette cues

    • CBD may reduce cigarette consumption in tobacco smokers

    The double blind experiments can be found here and here.

    If you’ve decided to fight your nicotine addiction, we recommend combining cessation tools, support groups, and other tools that you find personally works for you. Remember, good things don't ever come easy. Millions of people have quit tobacco addiction, and so can you.

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    How do I use hemp cigarettes to quit smoking tobacco?

    Hemp cigarettes are a natural alternative to tobacco cigarettes because you're able to replace your traditional cigarettes with a hemp product. Because tobacco cigarettes are very addictive, hemp cigarettes are an alternative that you can use to curb your smoking habits, while still being able to smoke.

    Because recent research shows that CBD may help with reducing cigarette cues and cigarette consumption, smoking a hemp cigarette as a replacement for your traditional cigarettes may be a tool in helping you quit smoking tobacco.

    Try starting off with smoking a hemp cigarette whenever you have the urge to smoke a tobacco cigarette. You may find that the hemp cigarette will reduce your cravings for your tobacco. Slowly (or quickly) replace your tobacco cigarettes with CBD cigarettes.

    Because hemp cigarettes are not addictive, you will find that quitting hemp cigarettes is much easier than quitting traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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    Can I combine hemp CBD cigarettes with other nicotine cessation products?

    Yes! The founders of Sugar started the company because they were able to quit smoking tobacco by combining a hemp cigarettes with nicotine gum, a well known nicotine cessation tool. Sometimes, having two tools is better than one.

    Some of our customers have reported quitting tobacco by using their nicotine patch alongside smoking a hemp cigarette each time they had a craving for nicotine. The smokable hemp in your hemp cigarette helps to satiate their craving for a cigarette, while the nicotine patch helps with their nicotine withdrawals.

    Nicotine addiction is a hard habit to kick, and that's the one of the main reasons for CRÈME's existence. Smoking hemp cigarettes is not only enjoyable, but helps people wean off of traditional cigarettes.

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    What are some of the side effects of hemp cigarettes?

    Side effects to CBD are generally considered very mild. According to Mayoclinic, if you're one of the few people who experience side effects, you may experience dry mouth, diarrhea, reduced appetite, drowsiness and fatigue.

    CBD may also interact with some blood thinner medications, so be sure to consult with your medical professional before smoking hemp cigarettes.

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    Are hemp cigarettes expensive?

    Replacing your tobacco cigarettes with hemp smokes may cost a little bit more than your usual spend, depending on where you live. Generally, hemp cigarettes cost around $11 to $15 per pack.

    There are some other CBD cigarettes that cost upwards of $50 per pack, which may not be affordable for most people to smoke regularly. CBD cigarette packs should generally be less than $15 per pack, and can great quality at that price point.

    But don't just think about the immediate cost of switching to hemp smokes. In the long run, if you are able to kick the habit of tobacco cigarettes, you're no longer tied down to the expensive habit of tobacco addiction. Your health is worth more than anything else in this world.

    The best hemp cigarettes will be affordable yet effective and clean. Make sure to review all of your options, and try different brands to see which hemp cigarette works best for you.

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    Where can I buy hemp cigarettes?

    CBD hemp cigarettes can be bought online and in stores. Because they're federally legal, you'll be able to find them at tobacco shops, and they can also be shipped across the country by USPS.

    If you're looking for the best hemp cigarettes, then you're already at the right place to order them. However, if you want to start right away, you can likely have a hemp cigarette by stopping by your local store.

    Smoking hemp CBD cigarettes has never been easier.

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