9 Things That Happen When You Quit Smoking

by Sugar Team July 30, 2022 5 min read

9 Things That Happen When You Quit Smoking

Quitting Smoking

According to the CDC, one in eight U.S. adults 18 years or older smoke cigarettes (as of 2020). Each year, tobacco use causes one in every five deaths, making it the leading cause of preventable death. Nowadays, smokers have great products such as CBD cigarettes that may help them finally kick the habit.

It's clear that quitting smoking is an important goal for millions of Americans, and we're here to support you. As you embark on your journey, it's important to understand what to expect as your body experiences a significant reduction in cigarette consumption. Preparation, education, and planning are paramount when deciding to quit smoking.

Whether you plan to quit cold turkey(all at once) or by tapering off your cigarette consumption, we're here to support you!

Here are our topics today to help you with your quit plan:

  1. Cravings from cigarette withdrawal

  2. Restlessness when quitting smoking

  3. Irritability and how to deal with it

  4. Anxiety when quitting cigarettes

  5. Increased appetite during smoking cessation

  6. Smokers Cough

  7. Increased energy and well being

  8. Decreased blood pressure is a benefit

  9. Improved Health and Vitality

  10. Conclusion

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Cravings from nicotine withdrawal

One of the first things you'll notice when you stop smoking cigarettes is the intense cravings from nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Each time you smoke a cigarette, your brain releases a chemical called dopamine, which gives you a sense of pleasure. And every time you smoke, you reinforce that feeling of pleasure, promoting nicotine addiction. When you stop smoking, your body experiences cravings soon after.

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Some of the ways that you can combat these nicotine withdrawal is by using tools, such as CBD cigarettes. Studies have shown that CBD may reduce nicotine cravings, and are non-addictive, which makes them a great option to help you taper off your tobacco consumption.

Some people will combine tobacco smoking cessation tools together, such as hemp cigarettes and nicotine gum, or other smokeless tobacco products. Nicotine replacement therapy is especially helpful when used alongside with CBD cigarettes to ease withdrawal symptoms.

At Sugar, we receive daily emails and reviews about how our products have helped them reduce or quit smoking cigarettes altogether. This encourages us to keep doing what we're doing.

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Restlessness from quitting smoking

Another side effect of quitting smoking that you might experience is restlessness. You may find yourself having a hard time focusing or sleeping, and constantly thinking about smoking another cigarette. Your brain is telling you that it's time for another smoke. Using nicotine cessation tools will help you deal with these types of withdrawal symptoms after your last cigarette.

Other ways to combat restlessness is exercise. Hit the gym or play a game of pick-up basketball. Keep your mind and body busy, and you won't have time to think about smoking cigarettes!

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Irritability and how to deal with it

A common sign of withdrawal from quitting an addiction is irritability. If you're currently trying to quit smoking, then you're probably very familiar with this. Being irritable may come in the form of anger and impatience.

It's good to let your friends and family around you know that you've decided to quit smoking, and to be patient as you fight your addiction. Over time, these withdrawal symptoms improve, and you'll find yourself becoming more and more comfortable with being tobacco-free.

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Anxiety when quitting cigarettes

Quitting your tobacco addiction puts your mind and body under a tremendous amount of stress. And one of the ways that your body deals with that stress may come in the form of anxiety. Similar to restlessness, you'll want to release that tension by exercising, using nicotine cessation tools, and reminding yourself why you quit in the first place.

Many other people are on this journey with you, and don't give up! If you end up having a cigarette, don't be discouraged. Stick with your plan, and keep moving towards your goal to quit smoking!

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Increased appetite during smoking cessation

Smokers often find themselves feeling an increased appetite after they quit. Weight gain can be a challenge after smoking your last cigarette, so be mentally prepared with a plan to maintain your health once you quit.

It's not only the nicotine that can be addictive, but also the action of putting the cigarette in your mouth, lighting it, and dragging on the cigarette itself can be an addiction.

Now that you're not engaging in that habit anymore, you may find yourself wanting to put more food in your mouth to satiate that feeling of emptiness. Gaining weight after you quit cigarettes can be prevented with a proper quit plan.

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Try drinking more water, exercising, and eating healthy snacks so that you stay healthy and focused while on your path to being tobacco free. Remember, focus on things that are good for you, and remind yourself why you decided to quit.

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Smokers Cough post quitting

After years of inhaling smoke and carcinogens, your lungs need a way of cleaning themselves out. As the cells in your lungs heal, the tiny hair-like structures in your lungs begin to expel the toxins and mucous, causing you to cough. 

Not everyone experiences the smokers cough, and it may last up to 3 months. Drink plenty of liquids, and make sure to see your doctor if it lasts longer than a few weeks to make sure that you don't develop bronchitis.

Once your smokers cough subsides, you'll begin to notice the significant health benefits. Hang in there!

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Increased energy and vitality

We've discussed at length some of the more annoying side effects of quitting smoking above. Now, we've reached the good side effects! 

Increased energy is one of the best parts of quitting smoking. After a few weeks of being cigarette free, you should start feeling a better sense of well being and having more motivation to exercise.

As time passes, your body will begin repairing your nerve endings and lung tissue. Use this opportunity to do some of the physical activities you loved to do before you picked up smoking.

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Decreased blood pressure is a benefit

The National Institute of Health concluded that smoking cessation significantly reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Changes in blood pressure(BP) occur almost immediately, showing signs of change within the first half hour. 

High BP is often known as “the silent killer,” due to its dangerous effects that often show known symptoms. Some of these effects include stroke, heart disease, loss of vision, kidney failure, and many others.

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Reduced Risk of Lung Cancer

When you stop smoking tobacco cigarettes, you significantly reduce your risk of lung disease and lung cancer. The chemicals and carcinogens found in traditional tobacco wreak havoc on your lung tissue. Once you stop smoking, your lungs begin to heal, and you're able to begin experience immediate health benefits.

Lung disease is one of the leading health risks to smokers, and your decision to quit not only helps you, but also others around you from secondhand smoke. Using tools like CBD cigarettes and nicotine replacement products will assist you in stopping smoking, and allow you and your loved ones to enjoy a tobacco free life.

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Smoking cigarettes is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous habits that you can pick up due to its severe effects on your health over time. And we're glad you're here because you've taken the first step in educating yourself and gaining freedom from tobacco addiction.

Using tools like CBD cigarettes and smoking cessation tools will help you gain freedom from tobacco. When researching nicotine replacement therapy, be sure to consult with a medical professional, and let them know about your goal to stop smoking.

The American Cancer Society and American Lung Association provides services and information on quitting smoking. You can visit their sites here and here.

Prescription medications are also an option if you're still finding it difficult to quit smoking tobacco. Your doctor may be able to prescribe Varenicline or Buproprion, which cannot be purchased off the shelf.

We're on a mission to help you and others break the chains of nicotine addiction and to prevent negative health effects from smoking tobacco. Join us in spreading the word!


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