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Check out what our customers are saying about us.
Quit tobacco after 40 years!

I’ve tried all of the hemp cigs out there, and these by far are the only ones that I can smoke consistently. If you’re looking for an everyday smoke to replace your tobacco, then these are the answer. Look no further! I’ve tried all of the hemp cigs out there, and these by far are the only ones that I can smoke consistently.

-Catherine S. on 05/02/2022
Just Perfect

I tried wild hemp, redwood reserves, and oklahoma. These are by far the best, and price is a little lower as well. Adding flavor to these was pure genius. We aren't allowed to have flavored cigarettes anymore, but this is a loophole, isn't it!

-Judy P. on 08/05/2022
WORTH IT, original and vanilla

Ok... So I quit smoking cigarettes in July and all through August and September I've been doing great... EXCEPT when I'm at a party / concert / big social event with alcohol. Or even worse, the one time work got so stressful I just couldn't take it. These are the perfect placebo. Very tasty, incredibly smooth, and it KILLS MY CRAVING IMMEDIATELY. C'mon, for your health this is worth it.

-Michael B. Hansen on 09/29/2021
I’ve tried a few Hemp cigarette brands…

I’ve tried a few Hemp cigarette brands and this is definitely the best one for smoothness, mouthfeel and flavor. If you’re looking for a cigarette comparable feel, this is it. Will definitely be ordering again.

-Chris H. on 04/08/2022
Truly a tasty hemp cig

It's been challenging to quit vaping, and I figured I'd give these a try because of the stellar reviews I've seen them get from regular folks and CBD-related publications. All the reviews were spot on, these are top notch and I would definitely endorse these for anyone looking to try them, especially anyone looking for alternatives to vaping or smoking. .

-Sophie on 05/04/2022

I had placed an order for the gift box (containing all 3 flavors) and after I sampled all the flavors, I turned around and placed an additional order. I am impressed with the flavor, quality and prompt customer service. My order got here in record time, and I have absolutely no complaints.

-Ladonna D. on 05/11/2022