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Helps with my anxiety!

So I bought these to try and stop smoking cigarettes, but ended up realizing that they actually help with my anxiety. My favorite is the vanilla, but I also love the peppermint as a nightcap. Oh and I should mention that I sleep like a baby after having one!

I'm never going back to regular cigarettes again.

-Mark P. on 05/02/2022
Just Perfect

I tried wild hemp, redwood reserves, and oklahoma. These are by far the best, and price is a little lower as well. Adding flavor to these was pure genius. We aren't allowed to have flavored cigarettes anymore, but this is a loophole, isn't it!

-Judy P. on 08/05/2022
WORTH IT, original and vanilla

Ok... So I quit smoking cigarettes in July and all through August and September I've been doing great... EXCEPT when I'm at a party / concert / big social event with alcohol. Or even worse, the one time work got so stressful I just couldn't take it. These are the perfect placebo. Very tasty, incredibly smooth, and it KILLS MY CRAVING IMMEDIATELY. C'mon, for your health this is worth it.

-Michael B. Hansen on 09/29/2021
I’ve tried a few Hemp cigarette brands…

I’ve tried a few Hemp cigarette brands and this is definitely the best one for smoothness, mouthfeel and flavor. If you’re looking for a cigarette comparable feel, this is it. Will definitely be ordering again.

-Chris H. on 04/08/2022
Truly a tasty hemp cig

It's been challenging to quit vaping, and I figured I'd give these a try because of the stellar reviews I've seen them get from regular folks and CBD-related publications. All the reviews were spot on, these are top notch and I would definitely endorse these for anyone looking to try them, especially anyone looking for alternatives to vaping or smoking. .

-Sophie on 05/04/2022

I had placed an order for the gift box (containing all 3 flavors) and after I sampled all the flavors, I turned around and placed an additional order. I am impressed with the flavor, quality and prompt customer service. My order got here in record time, and I have absolutely no complaints.

-Ladonna D. on 05/11/2022